Welcome to my Website

Here’s just a bit about me that isn’t on my resume.

I’m originally from San Francisco and studied ballet with the San Francisco Ballet under Harold Christensen. I made it into the Ballet Department at the University of Utah in addition to being a Theatre Major, but gave up hopes of any serious ballet career because I didn’t quite have the right feet and I preferred talking!

After getting my MFA from the Asolo Theatre in Sarasota Florida, where I studied with Neal Kenyon who directed the original Dames At Sea, I headed to New York. Then to Los Angeles where I did sit coms like Cheers, studied with the incredible Salome Jens, but my heart has always been here in Gotham, so I came home.

I love horses. Seriously love them. I have one too. My Mom was a beautiful rider and as a kid I remember watching her ride in horse shows in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. I’m ever so grateful to be able to keep riding and know how very lucky I am to do so.

I’m writing plays now, and have had a bit of success with that. I plan to continue. I think it does help to know what works on the page as an actor, and I enjoy creating a world that people want to inhabit. I also started coaching because I have an idea what actors go through, and we all need an outside eye that’s positive.

I love living in New York.

That’s about it. Thanks for visiting my website!

All the best,