November 2021

Last month was fast and a little furious, but oh so much fun. We opened ‘Troll’ in the Short Play Festival at The Players Theatre in Greenwich Village. This is the second time the playwright Dave Malouf and I have teamed up, adding to this play my talented friend Brian Richardson as the Troll.

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Fun-Filled October!

A fun filled month! Beginning with Dave Malouf’s play ‘Troll’, which I am directing, we open Thursday Oct 7th and run thru Sunday Oct 10th at the Sgouros Theatre on MacDougal street in the Village. I have the wonderfully talented Brian Richardson playing the Troll, so directing this is an absolute joy. A few last costume things to attend to, and we’ll be set.

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May 2021

It’s May! The lovely month of May, when the anticipation of warm days and bright sunshine befall us. And those tulips! Color everywhere!

So this spring giddiness makes it hard to circle in and settle down but as I am enjoying this effervescence of spirit I am still forging forward, albeit slowly, with my narration class.

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April 2021

Moving ahead with my audiobook narration class with Elise Arsenault, and learning so much. There’s a lot to acquaint myself on the technical end, but the actual vocals I am very comfortable with. It’s a new world however, and I am excited to dive in as deep as I can, hopeful in a few months to be recording for audio book writers.

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March 2021

A year ago, March 9th, was a public reading of my play The Qualifiers. It was the last public reading The Playground Experiment had.

For all of us, this has been some year, but I am going to focus on the year ahead.

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