July 2020

The month has gotten away from me, but progress has been made. And, fortunately everyone I know, myself included, is well and healthy.

That almost seems enough to write about.

I am however, in the midst of re-formatting a play I wrote and produced 9 years ago, A SINGLE SHOT, as I am planning on submitting it to theaters around the country ...

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April 2020

It’s hard to know quite what to say. I’m grateful to be able to write this for one thing. Having the task of writing my monthly blog seems a wonderful luxury and privilege - hope I come up with something fitting. 

One thing  we all have now is extra time, some more than others, but again, lucky for me, as a writer having time is a gift that at times has been a rare commodity. 

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MARCH 2020

I didn’t realize I hadn’t done my blog, which I now look forward to doing, because I have been up to my eyeballs in re-writes and working on proposals. Lovely chores to have to do. I finished my second draft for I’ll Meet You In Darjeeling, which now is entitled The Qualifiers. It went from 5 characters to 4 - is a drama, a mystery of sorts, and when you eliminate a character, essentially you have to re-write the whole thing.

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That numerical configuration cannot go unnoticed! The month began with a meeting of fellow writers giving feedback on I’LL MEET YOU IN DARJEELING along with my two other fellow playwrights who make up the trio in this round of First Reads. It was a most interesting few hours and has given me much to ponder. I have a month to work on re-writes toward our March 7th’s presentation for an invited audience. This time I know I will have a major shift in tone and eliminate a character - and I...

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Happy New Year 2020

A new decade is before us. 

I am pleased to report that my play ‘I’ll Meet You In Darjeeling’ was chosen as one of three plays that will be read by a panel and then presented to an invited audience Saturday March 7. This is the Playground Experiments ‘First Reads’ and it is so valuable to a writer. I was fortunate enough to go through this process with ‘The Swinging Nuns’ and I learned a lot.

‘Darjeeling’ is another animal altogether.

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What a year. And what a month November was and December looks to be. Backtracking to last month - I was thrilled to sit in the audience and see Yakity Yak at The Producer’s Club. Denise Ivanoff did a superb job in both casting and directing it.

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November 2019

This year has flown by, and at times, it’s hard to keep up with the pace of it all.

But a bright and happy pace it is! My ten minute play YAKITY YAK is happening next weekend as part of The AlphaNYC Theatre’s Thalia Festival, at the Producer’s Club on 44th Street. I am very excited to see it. First time I’ve not had anything to do with something I’ve written, and only attending as an audience member. I intend to sit back, relax and enjoy.

I found out this morning that a monologue I submitted for The Faces of America Monologue Festival was chosen. There were over 130 submitted ...

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October 2019

Happy Fall! It’s been quite something to keep all the balls in the air, so to speak, and a lot of fun. 

ALL CATHERINE went on for its performances in the 2019 Summerfest Festival with good audiences and wonderful work by each cast member. I’m so very happy and proud of everyone involved. The actors: Lucy McMichael, Stephanie Stone, Kathleen Moore, Paula Galloway and Matthew Menendez, each gave such individuality and flair to their roles. Our composer, Frank J Oteri created music that was not only was perfect, but gave the smoothest transitions from scene to scene, which helped the overall aura of the play. Our stage manager Francis Timberlake was a steady rock. The perfect person you need to keep everyone on track and calm. The Hudson Guild Theatre is a lovely place to work. My only sorrow was we had so few performances, but things are still cooking, so stay tuned. 

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