September is ALL CATHERINE

Wow, this month is already a doozie with rehearsals getting down to the wire with ALL CATHERINE. We’ve been working well, and I’m excited to see this play on it’s feet - thankful for the venue of the Hudson Guild Theatre, and having more than one performance. My actors are wonderful and I have every confidence our audiences will be entertained. 

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August 2019

This month is set with rehearsals beginning for ALL CATHERINE, and the Playground Experiments 100th Volume Fete on the 12th. 

Things have moved nicely for AC, and I have my “To-Do” list with me at all times, this week being the drop off to Equity with my Showcase Application. While it’s extra work, (and extra stress) dealing with my Union, when I’m on the other side of the table, that’s how it goes. In some way though, it makes me proud to be part of an organization that cares so precisely for it’s members. And I am fortunate to have the professional level of work happening in ALL CATHERINE as a result. 

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Jubilant July

The June tide is ongoing into July and we are making lovely progress with ALL CATHERINE. My fantastic cast: Lucy McMichael, Stephanie Stone, Paula Galloway, Kathleen Moore and Matthew Menendez are loving having the luxury of many weeks till curtain. When does that ever happen??? It’s such fun to meet and read and see the characters develop and grow. No stress, just exploration. Plus hearing the script read this way lets me know it’s working.

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Wow! June is here and things are keeping step to a nice progressive beat. Projects underway with time to get things taken care of. I’m pretty sure I have all details under control and on my to-do list! 

We are meeting for ALL CATHERINE once a month until August when we begin rehearsals in earnest, which is a really fun way to be able to work, and all of us feel it’s a rare and special opportunity...

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May Magic

It’s been quite a month so far, following April. 

May 4th I had the lovely pleasure of doing a role in Brad Makarowski’s beautiful play WHY US? at The Tank. It was 10 hours rehearsing with blocking that helped him as a writer see his play on it’s feet and was a great exercise for us actors to see what a few moves can do in a very short time. Kudos to all!

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Here comes April!

So much has happened. My play ALL CATHERINE was selected to be in the New York Summerfest at the Hudson Guild Theatre in Chelsea. Performances this September. I’m very excited, largely because the play was chosen all on it’s own merit. I’ll be directing as well, and have my cast, most of whom have been with the play for quite sometime. They deserve a chance to shine and I’m going to do everything in my power to make them all stars! 

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March marches….

I made the deadline last month and got The Swinging Nuns into the selection committee. Now it’s just waiting. Sigh. With fingers crossed and prayers to heaven! 

This month is Women’s History Month and one of the events is ‘Women at the Crossroads’. I wrote a short piece that was selected, so I’ll be performing that on Wednesday evening, March 27th at Goddard Riverside. The fun starts at 7:30.

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December 6!?

OMG - I just realized it’s December.Still waiting on word about ALL CATHERINE. I’m not going to bug anyone until after the holidays but my fingers remained crossed.Julie Marino and I are working on two short plays - one of them happens to be mine - for Synesthesia Radio Theatre, and we should be casting and getting into the recording studio sometime soon.I wrote a one-minute Christmas monologue for the Playground Experiment’s Christmas party. It’s always fun.I’m lov...

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