February brings lots of potential; a call back from the Actors Studio,  continuing with Lawrence DuKore’s play SPINSTERS with his re-write hot off the press, being part of The Playground Experiment’s writer/actor bi-monthly gatherings at Think Coffee and the possibility of furthering my play ALL CATHERINE in the next few weeks. 

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Jan 2017 Blog

Happy New Year. What an amazing trip to 2017.

In spite of it all, this year is starting with lots of possibilities.

I’ve been asked to be in the cast of a new work by Stanley Katz, which is part of Grace Kiley’s Ensemble - a newly formed acting company. I’m very pleased to in on the ground floor with this work.

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December Ho Ho Ho’s!

Wow, 2016 sure has flown by. It’s been a fun packed year with good projects, and seeds have already been planted for next year.

I’m moving ahead with my play All Catherine. I had some of it read at The Playground Experiment this week and was heartily encouraged to push on with it. Good response from an audience that knew nothing about it, not to mention having wonderful actors reading the roles. 

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NOVEMBER in New York

This year has flown. We closed Eleemosynary last week and it was a wonderful experience every night for us onstage. Our audiences were rapt in the play and the three of us were a unit, a team, and that what theatre is all about. I got emails from friends, and people who I didn’t even know, about how much they enjoyed the show. I am grateful to have been part of such a superb event.

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Meaning: Charitable; the giving of alms.

Working on Lee Blessing’s play has been, and is a joy……as well as a challenge. The inter-weaving of time and each character’s remembrance of the same events is so revealing in the way we categorize the important events in our own lives...

This is definitely a ‘theatrical’ play that you won’t want to miss!

Click here for tickets.

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I love September. And I am glad for the calendar to turn this year after the August we just had, but a lot got done despite the heat and humidity.

I was thrilled to be cast as Dorothea in Lee Blessing’s ELEEMOSYNARY. This is such a beautiful play and we have a wonderful cast and director. Shana Wiersum is producing and Alexandra Scordato will be directing. ELEEMOSYNARY opens Oct 14 - 29th. Stay tuned for location and more details.

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Sparklers & Firecrackers, it must be July!

It's kind of hard for me to believe half the year is behind us, but things are moving along, regardless of my notion of time, nonetheless.

Tomorrow I'm shooting a video film directed by my friend Charles Nuckolls, called Stanford Rape Survivor Letter Project. Charles has cast a rainbow of actors to speak the letter; learning these lines has not been easy, but it is an important statement that must be made on a very serious subject.

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It's May!

I always hear Lerner & Loewe's music as we begin May. Not a bad way to start a month.

The title of the new short play by Sofya Weitz has changed, as writers are prone to do, so now I'll be performing June 4th, 5th and 7th in A Dead Thing, which will be at The People's Improv Theatre, or the Pit, at 123 East 24th Street.

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It's April? Couda fooled me!

Not so sure with the weather so far, but the calendar says April, so I will believe it is.

March was enlightening being creative in thinking "out of the box" to find further opportunities for The Swinging Nuns, as well as gathering feedback and comments from audience and cast members alike. I have wonderful fuel to move forward and will keep refining the characters to watch the play grow into what it needs to become. 

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