Hello 2018

The first week of this year has certainly been dramatic. Here in New York City we’ve been in the deep freeze and had the fun of a highly theatrical blizzard with all the trimmings……….so this blog had to wait till things thawed out and warmed up!But……..the year is off to a good start. I am embarking on a project headed by Jake Lipman, artistic director of Tongue In Cheek Theatre Company.

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OMG it’s December!

This year has flown at a pace that doesn’t seem to be stopping, and that’s okay. On Dec. 10th, ALL CATHERINE is continuing at the Music Hall at the Dramatists Guild with another reading for invited friends. I wanted to finish out the year with...

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The year is fast coming to a conclusion. I am happy to report we are having another reading of ALL CATHERINE next month at the Dramatists Guild’s beautiful Music Hall. This is an entirely different setting than Primary Stages and it will be interesting to see the nuances that comes with a different space and some time in between performances. And in the meantime...

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October 2017

The first week of the month has already passed me and I can’t believe it!  Where is time going? I guess my preoccupation with ALL CATHERINE has helped me lose myself in a time warp!

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September 2017

This year just keeps barreling along. I’m very much anticipating the staged reading of ALL CATHERINE on Sept 10th at Primary Stages. It’s been fun, yet challenging so far but I know the benefits just from ‘getting it out there’ are worth it. I have a wonderful cast and director, and I’m grateful for all the talent they’ve brought to my play. Another reading happening on Sept 12th, of CHASING JACK, a new play

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The Dog Days of August, 2017

Since I have 2 dogs, Pembroke Welsh Corgis, all my days are dog days, but never mind that. August is upon us and that always signals the beginning of the end of summer and onto my favorite season……Fall.

As summer starts to wind down, we are revving up the engines for ALL CATHERINE. Our invited reading will be

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It’s June!

I’m super excited. Just this morning we had a table read of ALL CATHERINE with my director Cynthia Dillon, and actors Lucy McMichael, Jennifer Fouche, Kathleen Moore, Stephanie Stone and Danny Hidalgo. It was like magic, especially for a first read through. Now the fun really begins.

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April Blog

Has Spring Sprung? 

The weather outside is somewhat frightful of late, but nonetheless, we all forge on. 

I have for the first time, sent in an application for a Playwriting Fellowship. It was rather daunting and took me the better part of March to work through and complete it, mainly because I’d never done one, but also because I felt really excited and needed to calm down!

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