It's April? Couda fooled me!

Not so sure with the weather so far, but the calendar says April, so I will believe it is.

March was enlightening being creative in thinking "out of the box" to find further opportunities for The Swinging Nuns, as well as gathering feedback and comments from audience and cast members alike. I have wonderful fuel to move forward and will keep refining the characters to watch the play grow into what it needs to become. 

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Oh my ~ it’s almost St Patrick’s Day!

This month has flown by. With the one night performance of The Swinging Nuns on the 10th, my concentration was focused on that. We had a rousing good time, and this writer and actress got good feedback and constructive criticism to develop the play even more. Just to complete this first journey onstage was a satisfying experience.

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It's February!

This is going to be a busy month, so I'm glad we have 29 days instead of 28 this year. We are rehearsing Kevin Hauver's play SCRATCH, which is being performed February 24th and 26th at 6:30pm at Manhattan Repertory Theatre. It's a 4 character (all guys) drama that's interesting and provocative, and a fun directing challenge for me.

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Happy 2016!

I feel like I am late in blogging the first month of the new year but it still feels so fresh that I don't care. A new year is a wonderful thing, and I don't know about you, but I am very happy to leave 2015 in the past and look forward to happy, creative possibilities.

Right off the bat I just found out my play, The Swinging Nuns, was chosen to be in the upcoming Emerging Artists Festival in March. Yipee!

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December Blog

Whoosh, what a year 2015 has been. For all of us. Enough said on that, right?

This month began with a reading of my play, The Swinging Nuns. It's something I've been working on, set aside, and now have come back with a clearer vision.

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November in New York

Fall is my favorite time of year, and I know I'm not alone. Fall in New York is really special and I love having the occasion to walk on a street I've not been down to see how the light and the leaves compliment it. Not to mention the beauty of Central Park or Ft Tryon Park up in my neighborhood.

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We made it. And here we are right at the tip of everything Fall wearing shorts and flip flops in 90+ weather. I want to remember this when I am double wrapped in scarves and there is no coat on earth that will keep me warm!

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Time sure flies. I've been busy the past few months and thankful for that. The EAT New Works Festival in early June at TADA! was a great experience. I'm submitting for their fall show too, and working on the play I'm hoping will be accepted.

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