August 2019

This month is set with rehearsals beginning for ALL CATHERINE, and the Playground Experiments 100th Volume Fete on the 12th. 

Things have moved nicely for AC, and I have my “To-Do” list with me at all times, this week being the drop off to Equity with my Showcase Application. While it’s extra work, (and extra stress) dealing with my Union, when I’m on the other side of the table, that’s how it goes. In some way though, it makes me proud to be part of an organization that cares so precisely for it’s members. And I am fortunate to have the professional level of work happening in ALL CATHERINE as a result. 

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Sizzling July

Things are heated up this month with the reading of my play The Swinging Nuns on the 7th. This draft I’ve not heard out loud, so this will really be a good way to see if I’m closer to the mark. I have a wonderful cast of actors, and I know we’ll have a lively audience who will give constructive feedback, so...

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Oh my ~ it’s almost St Patrick’s Day!

This month has flown by. With the one night performance of The Swinging Nuns on the 10th, my concentration was focused on that. We had a rousing good time, and this writer and actress got good feedback and constructive criticism to develop the play even more. Just to complete this first journey onstage was a satisfying experience.

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