My… it’s May!

This month snuck up on me, probably because I had taken the Dramatist Guild 30
day challenge last month to complete something, start something or generally just
write something every day…and I did.

I completed The Blank Page. Then I was selected to have it read! And that
happened on Friday May 10th starting at 4pm and we wrapped at 6pm, not having
been able to read the final chapter but that was our allotted time, for which I am
extremely grateful.

And we had 5 actors we could ask to help bring it to life. I was thrilled to have
Kirsten Hopkins, Melissa Roth, Stuart Green, Ursula Anderman and Orlando
Rodriguez as my cast of characters. They were amazing. Ursula, Kirsten and Stuart
all read two roles as I have 8 characters in this play, but you’d have thought I had 8
actors they were so good.

I am still processing all this, and because this is a rather unique little piece, not
sure of my next steps, but there will be steps!

And I know there is another play to follow where this one has left off.

What a wonderful summer this will be.


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