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June Has Busted Out All Over

Wow – things are moving along faster than I realized…maybe because I’ve been processing The Blank Page, having lots of auditions to try to get to, self tapes to contend with and the survival jobs we all have.

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Welcome to my Website

Here’s just a bit about me that isn’t on my resume.

I’m originally from San Francisco and studied ballet with the San Francisco Ballet under Harold Christensen. I made it into the Ballet Department at the University of Utah in addition to being a Theatre Major, but gave up hopes of any serious ballet career because I didn’t quite have the right feet and I preferred talking!

After getting my MFA from the Asolo Theatre in Sarasota Florida, where I studied with Neal Kenyon who directed the original Dames At Sea, I headed to New York. Then to Los Angeles where I did sit coms, studied with the incredible Salome Jens, but my heart has always been here in Gotham, so I came home.

I love horses. Seriously love them. My Mom was a beautiful rider and as a kid I remember watching her ride in horse shows in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. She was my riding role model, and fostered my love for animals.

I’m writing plays now, and have had a bit of success with that. I plan to continue. I think it does help to know what works on the page as an actor, and I enjoy creating a world that people want to inhabit. I also started coaching because I have an idea what actors go through, and we all need an outside eye that’s positive.

I love living in New York.

That’s about it. Thanks for visiting my website!

All the best,