April Blog

Has Spring Sprung? 

The weather outside is somewhat frightful of late, but nonetheless, we all forge on. 

I have for the first time, sent in an application for a Playwriting Fellowship. It was rather daunting and took me the better part of March to work through and complete it, mainly because I’d never done one, but also because I felt really excited and needed to calm down! It’s twofold; an application for Page 73’s Playwriting Fellowship, which is amazing, and also for their Interstate 73, which is a chosen group of 6-8 playwrights who meet twice a month to discuss their work, and who receive a public or closed reading of whatever play you are working on. I’d be happy to be chosen for anything, and I felt a real sense of accomplishment just sending in my application. 

My callback for the Actor’s Studio is Saturday April 22 at 10am. We’ve been working on the scene and my fingers are crossed. I hope to have good news next month. 

I’m working on some non-theatrical side jobs that already have given me ideas for a new play. Now it’s creating the time and a peaceful mind to begin. 

And I have given my play ALL CATHERINE to a young new company for their season to see if it’s a fit or not. I’m anxious and hopeful for that. 

Happy Easter ~ may your basket be filled with good things.


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