Time sure flies. I’ve been busy the past few months and thankful for that. The EAT New Works Festival in early June at TADA! was a great experience. I’m submitting for their fall show too, and working on the play I’m hoping will be accepted.

Article 120 is a powerful new piece that’s being created by my director/writer/producer friend Charles Nuckolls. We’ve done several projects together and I’m excited and honored to be part of this one. Nothing hits home more than the truth. Stay tuned for more updates and dates for our reading at Dixon Place in early September.

Today is the Fourth of July and a holiday gifts you with an entire day to do whatever you want guilt free. I was washing up dishes this morning thinking about how grateful I feel to be living in the USA, even with all it’s problems and issues. We can protest, we can petition, we can yell and scream our heads off. We have many things to be thankful for that we all take for granted. I think we as a society are making progress towards the light. It’s still a battle, but we are in the trenches! We just have to remember to keep our heads up and hearts open.

I’m not going anywhere this summer. Well, that’s not true. I’m going to be working on my play for the EAT Fall Festival and also a children’s play that I started for Mark Lutwak who used to be with the Cincinnati Playhouse. I helped with a wonderful 3 day event in May at TBG’s blackbox theatre and met 6 talented playwrights and became aware of the world of children’s theatre. I have a start on something, so my summer journey’s will be in the land of the two plays I’m currently working on and hopefully some auditions, which could lead to some performing…….and lots of time horseback riding with Sadler and being at the barn.

Almost forgot to add…….in addition to the above, I’ll be square dancing! A play I started quite sometime ago, still near to my heart and not finished, involves square dancing, so to further my research I found a place to go to actually do square dancing and I liked it so much I’m taking lessons. I have a full skirt and everything!

My summer stretches out ahead of me and I’m excited to dive in and enjoy. I hope everyone has the same plan.


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