It's April? Couda fooled me!

Not so sure with the weather so far, but the calendar says April, so I will believe it is.

March was enlightening being creative in thinking “out of the box” to find further opportunities for The Swinging Nuns, as well as gathering feedback and comments from audience and cast members alike. I have wonderful fuel to move forward and will keep refining the characters to watch the play grow into what it needs to become. This is the really fun part.

A new play is also on the docket for May. Sofya Weitz, a fellow writer, has asked me to do a role in her play Affluenza, which will be directed by Anna Baker. We have our first read thru this week, and I’m excited to meet the rest of the cast and Anna. It will be performed at the PIT in New York City. Details to follow!

I’m looking forward to more yoga classes, square dancing, tango and tap. Turn those clocks ahead and I’m ready to go!


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