Jan 2017 Blog

Happy New Year. What an amazing trip to 2017.

In spite of it all, this year is starting with lots of possibilities.

I’ve been asked to be in the cast of a new work by Stanley Katz, which is part of Grace Kiley’s Ensemble – a newly formed acting company. I’m very pleased to in on the ground floor with this work.

I have my audition for The Actor’s Studio — yes, they called me in!- on Jan 21st and I’m over the moon about that. Regardless of the outcome I feel great about it.

We have an initial reading at Primary Stages on Jan 16th for SpinSterS, Lawrence DuKore’s wonderful play, and I’m thrilled to be reunited with Lucy McMichael as my sister in the play and Anna Baker directing, with Ivan Goris as Smithers. I can’t wait to see where we go with this.

I’m still working on my play The Swinging Nuns, but have given the sisters a sabbatical for the present to concentrate on All Catherine. This is a play I wrote after the very first audition I held. I brought a scene into the Playground Experiment last month and it was such a hit I am going forward with it. The casting was perfection and I am hopeful all the actors will be available to continue with me.

And who knows what else will pop up. I am still waiting to hear from Simon and Schuster about the audiobook, so that could happen too.

Yipee! In spite of all things political, life goes on, and I intend to make it happen this year.

Wishing everyone peace and prosperity in 2017.


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