Marina's Bloggin!

OMG — I can’t believe I actually am blogging…….I mean, I hope I have something to say that interests and occasionally enlightens or uplifts, and if all that fails, at least makes you laugh!

News items on the front burner: I’ve just become involved with a really fun group called ‘AIRPLAY’ that does online radio shows every week. The creators are theatre people who showcase new works by new writers, well maybe not ‘new’ writers but lesser known playwrights from across the country. The cool thing is you don’t have to be in Gotham because the shows are recorded via Skype. The first show I did included actors in New York City, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Kentucky! I’m taping a show this evening that will air next week.

And I am starting up my coaching  – JUST YOU – which I am really excited about. I love actors. I really do. And we all need each other and can use that ‘outside eye’. I’ve kind of been doing this already with my own work and the directing I’ve done recently and so I wanted to make it official. Call me if you need help with material or just want to hone that 2 minutes to perfection!


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