NOVEMBER in New York

This year has flown. We closed Eleemosynary last week and it was a wonderful experience every night for us onstage. Our audiences were rapt in the play and the three of us were a unit, a team, and that what theatre is all about. I got emails from friends, and people who I didn’t even know, about how much they enjoyed the show. I am grateful to have been part of such a superb event. I hope there is another opportunity to bring it to life again. Thank you Lee Blessing for writing such a beautiful play.

In the meantime, I have two of my plays that I’m working on. The Swinging Nuns and All Catherine. Hopefully they both will get some attention.

I’ll be doing a partial reading this month of All Catherine at The Playground down in the Village. It’s so important to hear your words and see how they sound with actors and equally important to have an audience to listen. I’m looking forward to that.

Oh, and time to hit the auditions……I have some great monologues from Eleemosynary!

Happy Thanksgiving…….I do have so much to be thankful for.


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