April 2022


Happy Spring!

Lots to report and to look forward to.

Pride & Prejudice closed on a high note of cast excellence and audience adulation. I’ve never enjoyed a cast so much ~ everyone was uniquely suited to their role, and performed it so well. Hudson Classical Theatre Company was wonderful to work with, and I look forward to another opportunity to do so.

My table read of Steel Tango happened on March 23rd at Ripley-Grier. It was worth the wait, and effort. The actors who read were terrific and they gave me constructive feedback. I’ve been in touch with the people I hope will want to be part of this, and I’m still looking for other options. I must keep my thinking cap on to move this show forward.

Scratch is in rehearsal! How much fun is this play, written with a dark edge by Kevin Hauver, who also is doing one of the roles. I’m fortunate to have three other actors I’ve had the pleasure of working with as well, Luke Hofmaier, Chris Rothbauer, and KoDee Martin. It’s a really interesting look at human nature with a twist. We have three performances coming up in June. More details as we get closer, and this play takes off.

Now it’s back to work on another chapter of The Blank Page which I will have read April 25th at the Playground Experiment’s new home! The Majorie S. Deane Little Theatre on the upper westside is the place. It’s so exciting, not only to have a space, but one with an actual theatre. Mike Lesser has spearheaded so much for this company and what a wonderful gift for everyone. I’m super excited.

And there are auditions to look forward to, for which I’m thankful and excited about. I already have a callback on April 24th for Hudson Classical Theatre’s summer production of that Scottish play ~ Lady Macbeth is a role I’ve longed to do ~ so wish me luck.

There’s a lot of excitement going on here!

Not to mention thoughts of the Easter Bunny.



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