It’s May!

And a lovely month it is. 

I am well into rehearsing Kevin Hauver’s interesting and arresting play Scratch with 4 dynamic actors, Kevin being one of them, joined by Luke Hofmaier, KoDee Martin and Chris Rothbauer. We are working in an unusual way too, since we have not the usual time crunch, we’re spreading things out and letting the play ‘seep’ into being. The actors investment is ongoing, but also working on a subconscious level, whether they know it or not! It’s fun.

And the evolution of my play The Qualifiers, formerly known as I’ll Meet You In Darjeeling, now being titled Stripes is happening. It was the last public reading for The Playground Experiment on March 9, 2019 before everything shut down. I had thoughts of it this past two years and half started rewrites but didn’t get anywhere, however now I think I will. Hope to have more to report next month.

Disappoited to say I was not cast as Lady Macbeth, but maybe I’ll have a shot at it another time, and I’ll look forward to seeing it in August.

That being said I have no excuse not to keep working on Stripes!

Continuing with my love of Tango and hope there are lots of milongas and practicas I can attend this month ~ and we have Central Park and Chelsea Pier to look forward to as well.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day!


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