June is Busting Out All Over

We open SCRATCH in the New York Theatre Festival this month and have 3 performances – June 14, 15, and 18, at Teatro Latea, 107 Suffolk St, on the lower east side. The theatre space is nice and the neighborhood is trendy. 

And SCRATCH is good! It’s been a blast rehearsing with these actors and their work is exceptional.

I finally have the right title for the play I have been working on. If at first you don’t succeed, right? Fourth time was the charm, and I have settled on and am happy with, IN AN INSTANT. And having been inspired by seeing lots of theatre of late, I am re-framing the structure. It’s fun. I can always change it back but I don’t think I will.

Still working on creating magic around STEEL TANGO. And oh boy am I dancing a lot of tango! I have a practica partner and that is a huge help – having someone you can count on to dance with who is also focused on improving is wonderful. Summer is a plus as well with lots of outdoor milongas to go to. I hope I wear out at least one pair of shoes this summer.

I do plan to audition, and would love to have something fall into my lap. I’d take on any challenge!

I look forward to a good summer and getting lots of work done.


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