April 2024

Welcome April, and all that it brings by way of spring, sunshine and showers.

This past month was another doozy. I think we all marched though March, so I am looking forward to something more relaxing in April, while still moving forward.

I was happy to be part of the cast of David Ceci’s latest draft of Unfamiliar: A Maidstone Tale. Doing projects via zoom have their own challenge, but we had good rehearsals and the cast was great. It was fun playing with vampires!

And David shared the Dramatists Guild offering of Pens Up! A challenge for us writers to pick up our pens April 1 ~ with a dedicated project in mind ~ then write for the next 30 days with the support of fellow writers and the Dramatist Guild as well. I’ve signed up.

My dedicated script is to complete the entire draft of The Blank Page. The reading of my latest chapter, Headlines, was presented at The Playground Experiments Volumes at the Marjorie Dean Theatre on the 25th, and I was pleased. Having wonderful actors doesn’t hurt either.

I went to a few auditions and attended a tango workshop with Florencia Borgnia. It was great to be back in the studio and I intend to be more active with my tango, especially as the weather gets warmer.

I am looking forward to a wonderful month ahead. 

Happy Easter ~ Happy Spring


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