March 2024

It is nice to feel like there’s a pause after last month’s flurry.

Nothing is stopping, things are moving forward, but I took last weekend to just think and write and it was good.

Goals for this month: Work thorough  this new edit of In An Instant. Having worked with Mike Lesser – such a gift our session was – I have a new take on the time line, so the impulsion of the story is different. We’ll see where that takes us, or me, hopefully to the ‘write’ place!

I’m working on more chapters for The Blank Page, a totally different piece that I am enjoying immensely and will have a reading of my newest chapter at the end of the month at The Playground Experiment in the Marjorie Dean Theatre.

Right now there are only musicals to audition for, so at least for now, I don’t have to worry about self tapes or getting online to try and secure a spot at an AEA audition. It’s so nerve wracking.

I have not been doing much tangoing and I want to correct that, so I intend to get to a practica or milonga this month too.

And celebrate the Irish on St. Paddy’s Day!  



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