February 2024

Wow, this month has been full of progress and possibilities. I have new headshots and they are great. ‘Headshots by Scott’ is my recommendation to everyone.

I had a fantastic one on one session with Mike Lesser, the artistic director of the Playground Experiment, about In An Instant. I learned a lot and have some work ahead of me with the next edit, but I have a better idea of how to shape it. It’s labor for sure, but with his input I have a technique I can use with other scripts as well.

I’ve been auditioning and feel good about it. Either at Equity or other AEA audition spots, it’s been satisfying to get out there in person. I’ve attended some good SAG Foundation master classes too. I am taking a Patsy Rodenburg master class in Shakespeare with Erin Roth and Celeste Moratti. This is a technique I was not familiar with and it’s wonderful. I love exploring new ways to approach acting and one can never just sit back and not keep learning. Actors need to keep their instrument tuned!

I hope to have more positive things to share next month too.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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