Happy 2024

We’re in it! Last year flew by so fast, but I am happy for a numerical change.

The end of December was festively active. After the Faces of America Festival I was part of Roger Hendricks Simon’s 40th Anniversary showcase at Polaris North. I did a scene from Hamlet (Act 3 sc 4 to be exact) and the evening was really fun.

Many actors that have studied with Roger were there, and some, like myself, were performing. At 81 years old, Roger’s still going and he’s still got it!

The wind down to Christmas included the Playground Experiments Annual Raffle and I am the lucky winner of a one on one session with Mike Lesser, the artistic director, to work the play of my choice with him. Since I have had that second reading round with In An Instant, I’m probably going to bring that to him. I’d like to have a completed draft (I don’t recall exactly how many drafts I’m on now!) but one thing I want to pursue this year is completing, to the best of my ability, plays I have started and that are needing work. I have several.

So this is the perfect opportunity and Mike will be a beacon to point me in the right direction.

There’s not too many auditions for me ~ at the moment ~ but we all know that can change in an instant too. I’m checking the Equity Casting all the time. And I want to keep going to see my friends in their shows and there’s lots to see.

Oh – I’m getting new headshots too. I was booked before Christmas to do the shoot, but things got crazy, so I’m on for mid January. Hope to have my new face up by next month. New Year, New Photo.

Wishing us all a happy, peaceful and, most of all, creative 2024.


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