December 6!?

OMG – I just realized it’s December.

Still waiting on word about ALL CATHERINE. I’m not going to bug anyone until after the holidays but my fingers remained crossed.

Julie Marino and I are working on two short plays – one of them happens to be mine – for Synesthesia Radio Theatre, and we should be casting and getting into the recording studio sometime soon.

I wrote a one-minute Christmas monologue for the Playground Experiment’s Christmas party. It’s always fun.

I’m loving tango more and more and plan to make time to get to dance at least several times a week in the New Year. It’s an intoxicating art form.

And lastly, besides auditions, I want to finish my first draft of I’ll Meet You In Darjeeling which means writing Act II.

With Christmas upon us, I’m not sure how much will really get done, but I’m going to give it all  a go.

Ho, ho, ho… Happy Everything! May all things be Merry & Bright!


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