November 2018

This month happened before I even realized it and it looks like the pace will only increase, especially with the holidays soon upon us.

I did a reading of Prudence Wright Holmes fledgling play and am scheduled to do another later this month. Her characters are strong women with history behind them, and it’s nice to bite into something that potent.

I’m still waiting on a number of things regarding ALL CATHERINE and really truly hope that I’ll have something concrete to report soon. It’s a great lesson in how timing is everything, as well as an exercise in patience, which I sometimes have trouble with!

The podcast I directed for Synesthesia Radio Theatre has had some technical issues and it looks like we’ll have to re-record. This time we have studio space and that, I hope, will solve the problems. It’s a lot of fun, and we all are learning as we go.

And there’s always auditions. More please.

Happy Thanksgiving, I know I am thankful just to be here!


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