October 2018

Last month flew by with some interesting projects. I directed a podcast for Synesthesia Radio Theatre. We recorded Julie Marino’s second play in Pattern Recognition with two wonderful actors, Kevin Hauver and Paul Peglar. They did a fine job and I am looking forward to hearing it. What an interesting medium to work in.

The jury is still out on ALL CATHERINE. Waiting is hard and yet we all have to do it, especially when there are so many variables involved. I had put AC into the Dramatists Guild Footlight Series lottery, but wasn’t lucky enough to get a night…but there’s December’s lottery and hopefully I’ll be luckier then.

Tango is happening! I am so in love with this dance, and the people who are involved in the Tango community. It fills me with joy, and I discover more about the elements of the dance every time I put my shoes on.

Still working on I’ll Meet You in Darjeeling and will have a read of new scenes on the 22nd at Monday night’s PGE Volumes. It’s such a great way to hear if things are clicking. Actors can shed light for writers and this also has an audience of fellow writers, so you get double critique. It’s great.

Happy Halloween!


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