September 2018

The beginning of my favorite time of year, with a few projects to jettison the start of a Fruitful Fall.

This month I’m going to be directing a short podcast for Julie Marino – the writer and producer of Synesthesia Radio Theatre. I did a role in the first podcast for her; it was a lot of fun, came out really well, so wearing a different hat directing this one will be fun in a different way. The things you need to be mindful of in ‘radio’ are not necessarily challenges you face onstage.

I am hopeful ALL CATHERINE has some forward movement. There are two possibilities, and both can happen, so my fingers are crossed that something will materialize this month so we can get things going forward. My actresses are ready!

I am looking forward to having more time to audition myself. And finding new monologues, which is a constant challenge for actors.

One wonderful thing is I have found my way back to tango and tho getting back into shape is a challenge, it’s really fun just to be dancing. I plan to not let this fall away from me again! Plus the music is so intoxicating.

Happy September.


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