August 2018

Another month begun, and I am a bit behind the beat. 

Blame it on the heat. 

Had a fun time over the weekend stage managing for ‘Let There Be Love’ ~ PGE Stage Experiments at Primary Stages. That kept me busy, and now it’s back to work on my latest play ‘I’ll Meet You In Darjeeling’.

Not to say that is taking me away from my other two projects, because it isn’t. Funnily enough, sometimes working on something totally different lets my mind access other possibilities on plays I’m still refining, so it’s not that I’m not working on them when I work on something else. Go figure.

Hopefully there will be something I’m right for acting wise very soon because I’m chomping at the proverbial bit to get myself onstage, but August tends to be a wind down and gear up for the fall.

I’m ready, willing and able.


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