Sizzling July

Things are heated up this month with the reading of my play The Swinging Nuns on the 7th. This draft I’ve not heard out loud, so this will really be a good way to see if I’m closer to the mark. I have a wonderful cast of actors, and I know we’ll have a lively audience who will give constructive feedback, so I’m very much looking forward to July 7th. (See details below)

And I’m waiting to hear the progress of All Catherine. I wish I had more to say on this but things take time and as long as it’s still being read and considered, I’m happy.

This was a month that I had to turn down some acting projects just because everyone was doing things on the same day. It’s like that sometimes — I’m free 6 days in a week, but the one day I’m not — that’s the day that all the other invitations fall on!!!

Oh well, it’s nice to be thought of and asked. Some good things have come out of having to say no anyway, and who knows what may come back around.

I now have some clear uncluttered time to work on a play I started at Drop & Gimme 10 from The Playground Experiment “I’ll Meet You in Darjeeling’. The characters have been rattling around in my head, so it’s time they had a chance to speak!

I hope I do some acting this summer and that the next opportunity doesn’t happen when I’m already booked!

Happy Independence Day

Details for the First Reads Festival 2018:


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