Just because it’s JUNE!

Once again, I am a tiny bit behind but having had a rousing round with my fellow playwrights on June 2nd getting feedback from fellow artists on our respective plays, I’m still absorbing things! And back at work re-thinking, writing, and pondering these nuns who inhabit Our Lady of Perpetual Motion Catholic High School. We are meeting again June 9th for dinner, hosted by Mike Lesser the artistic director, continuing to flesh out what we’ve created.

July will be the read thru for invited guests. I have my work cut out for me.

ALL CATHERINE is still under consideration for production and I am expecting to hear any day about that possibility.

I was pleased to be asked to do a role in an interesting play I’ve worked on with a writer from Pulse Ensemble. It’s Jonathon Ward’s MURDEROUS CADUCEOUS. And that’s a mouthful all the actors had to learn to say! I’ll be doing Manda, and it will be presented at The Barrow Group July 7th.

And I’m going to adopt a cat named Timmy who needs a home.

It’s going to be a fun month!


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