It’s May!

I can’t believe it’s May 6th and I’m just getting to blog now, but there’s a really good excuse. I have two of my plays kind of front and center for my attention. 

THE SWINGING NUNS is one of the four plays chosen by The Playground Experiments Required Reading #6, a development process. All four playwrights have their plays read by about twenty people who have signed up to read them. The people have a month to read all four plays and then we playwrights get one on one feedback from everyone. After that we do whatever re-writing we want (or need!) followed by a table read for an invited audience sometime in July. It’s really exciting, fun and a great creative way to get constructive feedback in a wide swath. 

I dropped off ALL CATHERINE to James Jennings at The American Theatre of Actors. He has three theaters and expressed interest, so my fingers are crossed that he likes AC enough to produce it. I have my actresses and actor, I’m directing, we just got a costumer, so it’s seems like things are looking pretty positive. 

I’m planning on hitting the auditions as soon as I know what my schedule will be like with these two projects, but knowing how everything works, I’ll  no doubt be cast in something and have both plays going — what a wonderful ‘problem’ that would be! Bring it all on please. 

Hopefully June’s report will have the results I’m looking for, and until then, I’m plugging away. 

And so grateful and happy for the sunshine and warmer temps too.


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