February is here!

Wow, this month hit the ground running with rehearsing Dave Malouf’s play ‘What Say You, Boson Q’ for The Players Theatre, and then my play ‘Our Cozy Nest’ being done for Break a Leg Productions 2023 Love Festival!

Having directed two of Dave’s plays in the past, we have a great working relationship and things are moving smoothly. My actors are wonderful. I am also lucky to have a very talented friend, Wendi Westbrook, who works at the Metropolitan Opera costume shop helping me with some costume accessories, so this has been a real joy to work on.

And for my play, ‘Our Cozy Nest’, all I have to do is show up and watch a performance, so how fabulous is that?

And to add to all this merriment, at the end of the month I am doing a 5 day intensive workshop with Giles Forman from the UK who is a Kat Malmgren teacher in The Art of Transformation. Giles studied under Yat, and teaches throughout Europe and the UK. I’m really excited to be part of this.

Tango is moving along nicely practicing with my tango parter and taking classes together. We have made improvement – both individually and as a couple on the floor. I love everything about tango and an enthused about getting better. And who knows what else will appear on the horizon? Can’t wait!

Happy Valentine’s Day, too.


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