March 2023

Gosh, things have been moving along at a nice pace with just enough opportunities to catch my breath. 

Our play ‘What Say You Boson Q’ was voted Best Play for the first week of the Short Play Festival at the Players Theatre. That makes three in a row for the playwright Dave Malouf and myself – three Best Play wins. All three of his plays were incredibly different, with different actors, so the wins are a nice validation.

The reading of my play ‘Our Cozy Nest’ was well received. I was humbled to be grouped with such fine writers and Valerie Adami chose 6 plays on the subject of love that showed a myriad of colors of what love is. The readings both Friday and Saturday were well attended, with no extra seats left. Kinda nice.

My workshop with Giles Forman was amazing, and I am still in process of digesting what Yat Malmgrem – the founder of the Drama Centre in London – poses what an actor needs to be aware of to transform into character. It’s mind blowing and wonderful. Giles is an excellent teacher and the actors in the room were wonderful as well. It was 5 days of bliss.

And some of what I learned can be applied to tango! How cool is that? 

I will be applying what I’ve learned for my upcoming auditions and see what I can report next month. 

Happy St Patrick’s Day! 


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