Fervent February

So far February has been a January rollover because all of my projects are rolling along and picking up steam, in addition to new opportunities. They say a rolling stone gathers no moss, but I feel like, as I’m rolling along, I’m picking up wonderful bits here and there.

My play, THE SWINGING NUNS, is being considered for a workshop reading, with a director and more hours of rehearsal that will happen in May. I’m on deadline to submit my new script by the 15th. Yikes!

ALL CATHERINE didn’t find a home at the American Theatre of Actors, however everyone liked the script – go figure. There are other options to pursue.

I’m going to be acting in the Playground Experiment’s ‘Drop and Give Me 10’ which is always so much fun. Playwright Erin Moughon-Smith is writing her 10 minute play for Caitlin Mileon and myself on Feb. 17th at Primary Stages. I can’t wait to see who I am and what I’m doing.

Continuing on with Synesthesia Radio Theatre, I’m directing our next play this week. Julie Marino and I have the next few plays lined up, and a recording studio to record in as well.

Life is good. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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