March marches….

I made the deadline last month and got The Swinging Nuns into the selection committee. Now it’s just waiting. Sigh. With fingers crossed and prayers to heaven! 

This month is Women’s History Month and one of the events is ‘Women at the Crossroads’. I wrote a short piece that was selected, so I’ll be performing that on Wednesday evening, March 27th at Goddard Riverside. The fun starts at 7:30. It’s a wonderful group of diverse voices and the first time I’ve done a storytelling, so I’m looking forward to performing, meeting the writers and hearing the work. 

Julie Marino and I will be finishing up our second pod cast this month, which I am directing and continuing to enjoy. It’s interesting and fun to work with actors just on vocal quality and intention. Challenging too. 

My big love is BALLROOM dancing. In addition to my tango of course. Danielle Quisenberry is a marvelous dancer and ballroom teacher and who would have realized how difficult real ballroom dancing is? I’ve done waltzes in countless shows, danced with a ballet company yet am humbled to learn that I wasn’t exactly correct. Flashy maybe, but I’d be marked down in bronze or silver for my choreography. It’s just a blast and the dancers are wonderful. You really do feel like you are floating on air! I bought 4 pairs of ballroom shoes, so I’m in it for awhile. 

Continuing to work on I’ll Meet You in Darjeeling as well, so I have enough to keep me busy for a bit. 

Happy Spring! 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, too!


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