Here comes April!

So much has happened. My play ALL CATHERINE was selected to be in the New York Summerfest at the Hudson Guild Theatre in Chelsea. Performances this September. I’m very excited, largely because the play was chosen all on it’s own merit. I’ll be directing as well, and have my cast, most of whom have been with the play for quite sometime. They deserve a chance to shine and I’m going to do everything in my power to make them all stars! 

We recorded the second play for Synesthesia Radio Theatre and everything went well. I have not heard the finished piece yet, but we had a great crew and no issues so hopefully that will be up on our site soon. It was fun to direct, not having to worry about blocking, just tone and intention. Subtle work that takes the right vocals. I’m enjoying it. 

Still waiting to hear about THE SWINGING NUNS being chosen to go forward with a workshop production. Prayers answered? We’ll see. Of course, I hope so. 

Oh, and I did my performance March 27th for Women at the Crossroads – it was an amazing evening. I’ve not performed doing anything like this before. Caytha Jentis put together the most extraordinary women. Each story was so moving and unique, as each woman and her circumstances are. All of us have had so much experience with the hard knocks life bestows, but to see how everyone has come through and more than survived, is a testament to spirit. It was a long evening, but so life affirming. 

I took a Waltz workshop – loving Ballroom dancing – and of course Argentine Tango. More dancing please. 

And I had an idea and thought, why wait, so I’ve got 3 scenes down for my newest play and hope I can finish it soon. It’s something that comes out fast, so next month I’ll hopefully have more to share. 

That’s it for now, hope there’s some fun auditions this month and more of everything! 



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