Happy New Year ~ 2022

That’s a good number, 2022, I’m hopeful.

I started off the bat with Ken Davenport giving me a pep talk, so I am fired up about All Catherine and Steel Tango

All Catherine should get another run somewhere Off B’way, and I will be working to that end. This time I don’t think I’ll direct, but I may play one of the parts. Learning my own dialogue is a challenge, something I didn’t imagine would be difficult, since I’m the one who wrote the words!

Steel Tango is in the hands of someone, who shall remain nameless for the moment, but my hope is the script is good enough to get a nod from them and hopefully may get a table read, or if I really let myself dream, a staged reading for investors. Why not go for gold!

I’m also going to be doing a fun role in my friend Julie Marino’s play, Cathexis. Say that 3 times fast. I did an initial reading and Julie has gone to work on the script and now we are on draft #3. It’s a tighter and better play now, all we need is to read it aloud again….hopefully in person.

I saw a number of shows last month, thankful to be able to sit in the theatre. There is nothing like it. 

The Milongas are going again and it’s wonderful to be able to dance Tango. The new studio Stepping Out has on 46th street is beautiful. Of course you must be vaccinated otherwise you are not allowed on the dance floor. 

My writing group is going well, with the addition of my friend Kevin Hauver, who is a good writer as well as a fine actor.

I am hopeful for this New Year, and wish you all the Healthiest and Happiest Year ever!


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