Jubilant July

The June tide is ongoing into July and we are making lovely progress with ALL CATHERINE. My fantastic cast: Lucy McMichael, Stephanie Stone, Paula Galloway, Kathleen Moore and Matthew Menendez are loving having the luxury of many weeks till curtain. When does that ever happen??? It’s such fun to meet and read and see the characters develop and grow. No stress, just exploration. Plus hearing the script read this way lets me know it’s working. 

I still have my laundry list of ‘To Do’s” before September, like postcards, lighting, sound, little things like that, but I know where to go for each and there’s time. 

I’ve almost finished I’LL MEET YOU IN DARJEELING as well. Funny having two plays so absolutely different in some ways makes working on each not that difficult. It’s easy to keep them apart in my head. No comment there! 

Tango is ever more necessary to me, and summer is the season to get out and dance. I intend to go to Central Park on Saturday’s till the fall and keep taking Rebecca Shulman’s practicas. And hopefully other milongas, Alicia’s, Volvo Tango. And let’s not forget Ballroom! Danielle has us working on International Fox Trot and it’s not easy. My years of ballet and other dance training sometimes makes me overly confident thinking, ‘oh, it’s just a social dance’ but boy oh boy, it’s complex and intricate. And so much fun!! 

Lots to be happy about and thankful for this summer. 

Happy 4th of July!


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