Wow! June is here and things are keeping step to a nice progressive beat. Projects underway with time to get things taken care of. I’m pretty sure I have all details under control and on my to-do list! 

We are meeting for ALL CATHERINE once a month until August when we begin rehearsals in earnest, which is a really fun way to be able to work, and all of us feel it’s a rare and special opportunity. Not having the normal pressure is wonderful and I know that the actresses will really be able to access behaviors that having this time developed. I’m meeting soon with composer Frank J Oteri, who will be creating a musical underlay. Frank is amazing and I’m excited to hear what he has in mind. 

I’m almost finished my first draft of I’LL MEET YOU IN DARJEELING and will bring in some second act scenes to the Playground soon. Also, the annual Drop and Gimme 10 is coming up and I have tossed my hat in the ring to be a actor who has a short play written especially with them in mind. It’s how DARJEELING started for me as a writer, and it’s a blast as an actor. 

Tango and Ballroom continue to be incredible, and I’m loving getting my feet and torso in the right alignment. What a gift to be able to dance to some of the most beautiful music ever. 

Looking forward to a fantastic June with lots to report in July!


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