July 2017 Update

It’s full steam ahead for ALL CATHERINE. I finished working on another draft today and sent it off to Cynthia Dillion, our director, in preparation for Thursday’s second read-thru at Primary Stages.

This is my focus for the entire month……..and probably August as well. Scheduling actors and everything involved with any project is a world unto itself so I’m going to not fill up my calendar so I can enjoy this ride. And be prolifically creative. And still have a little time for other stuff. 

And I am going back to class. Ballet class that is. I’m dying to get to the barre. Regardless of how much my feet recall, I’ll love being in the studio again, and the warm weather will help ease me back. My tap shoes can continue to gather a bit of dust, it’s time for those soft pink shoes. 

And bathing the dogs. Two of them. Double coated corgis. 

But mainly and most importantly ALL CATHERINE! 

Happy Independence Day.


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