The Dog Days of August, 2017

Since I have 2 dogs, Pembroke Welsh Corgis, all my days are dog days, but never mind that. August is upon us and that always signals the beginning of the end of summer and onto my favorite season……Fall.

As summer starts to wind down, we are revving up the engines for ALL CATHERINE. Our invited reading will be Sunday, September 10, so August will be spent continuing to fine tune the script, rehearsing with the cast, and strategizing ways to really move this project forward. I am excited. I have a wonderfully talented team and I’m looking forward to all the possibilities that are before us.

I’ve also been doing some readings with Pulse Ensemble’s Writers Lab, and that is so much fun as an actor.  Not only being part of new work, but meeting fellow writers and getting to know other actors is always a welcome opportunity. Networking made easy. Thanks Brian and Alexa!

I have a feeling this month will go fast, not that all the others haven’t, and while I’m always looking for any chance to audition, my pen will be to the page (or computer key) for the most part this month and I’ll be happy with that if nothing else arises. Thank you August, and watch out September!


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