June 2023

We opened The Importance of Being Earnest June 1st, to a nice outdoor audience, our stage set amongst the flora, fauna and bird life in Riverside Park that Hudson Classical Theatre Company commands for the summer. It’s beautiful and challenging, because we are at the beck and call of Mother Nature, and the occasional jet plane or ambulance that may or may not go by.

Right now we have 3 weeks left to go with this delicious play and I know we are all hoping the weather is kind to us Thursday through Sunday.

I’m enjoying doing Miss Prism and I am proud to say we have a wonderful cast. Being outside can be a lot of fun too, and our audiences are very connected and vocal. People in a park setting tend to be that way I think, and it’s an extra shot of energy we get from them.

I’m excited to begin my second round of Giles Foreman’s workshop tomorrow. He was here in February for the first 5 day session and now he’s back for the next 5 days with us, exploring the Yat Malmgren methodology of acting and movement. I can’t wait. I’m hoping Giles will – well I know he will – shed light on my Miss Prism in ways I hadn’t thought about and having three weeks to explore that will be fabulous. I’ll be in the workshop all day and then have to leave early to get ready for Earnest, but it will be worth the effort.

That’s pretty much June for me, and a very good June it is. Oh, and it’s my birthday too. 

It’s all a gift!


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