June Has Busted Out All Over

Wow – things are moving along faster than I realized…maybe because I’ve been processing The Blank Page, having lots of auditions to try to get to, self tapes to contend with and the survival jobs we all have.

I’m making a plan for the summer to get back to work on In An Instant. It’s a play that is not my ‘norm’ and I really want to get it right….not that we ever actually do, but we can try, and keep trying, so that’s my goal for myself is to craft this umpteenth draft into a really fine dramatic play.

And in the meantime, see if there’s a niche for The Blank Page, because it’s really a charming, I think, unusual play with a message we need. Especially now.

I want to make time to read more. I have a stack of books ready for me to open, and that is also a summer goal.

Hopefully one of the auditions will become a reality, so I hope there’s some nice role for me this summer as well.

That’s about it, or about all I am going to tackle at the moment.

Happy June!


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