July is here

Again, this month slid past me before I realized we were no longer in June!

I know a lot of people who are having time warp issues, so I think it’s fairly common that we all are in a spin mode.

Spinning like a happy top, I’m directing David Ceci’s excerpt from his full length play Unfamiliar, A Maidstone Tale.

Unfamiliar- A Maidstone Tale

This will be part of The Secret Theatre’s Short Play Festival which opens this month. I was part of his full reading sometime ago, and that was fun playing two characters in this vampire tale, and now directing this excerpt is an added bonus.

There have been some wonderful opportunities to audition at Equity, and it’s glorious to be back live in the audition room. I know we all feel that way.

I’m back to Square Dancing too ~ after a longer than anticipated hiatus ~ I began this as part of my research for my play The Swinging Nuns, and enjoyed not only square dancing but the Times Square Dance group so much, I continued. Tango is still on my dance card, but now I’ve added back Square Dancing. Yee-haw!

Looking forward to a satisfying month with good work ahead in all areas.

Stay cool. Stayed tuned.


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