June is busting out all over!

Yet another month that begins with a song, and things are ripe for possibilities.

My show at the People’s Improv Theatre, aka the PIT, opens this Saturday. The play I am in has had a title change…….  it’s Great Glaciation, which was the title a few re-writes ago. It’s been rewarding working with Sofya as she has honed this little play and the three of us actors have found our way together. Along with our director, Anna Baker, and Caleigh Drane our fantastic cellist, I’m excited to be onstage with this ensemble. Go team!

Tongue In Cheek Theatre Productions is looking at The Swinging Nuns. These ladies are happening!

Summer plans to continue research on my Lillian Russell script which is planned for next year. What an interesting era she lived in. New York was in transition like no other time. Fascinating stuff. Complicated people.

And I want to get back to tap class!


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