Sparklers & Firecrackers, it must be July!

It's kind of hard for me to believe half the year is behind us, but things are moving along, regardless of my notion of time, nonetheless.

Tomorrow I'm shooting a video film directed by my friend Charles Nuckolls, called Stanford Rape Survivor Letter Project. Charles has cast a rainbow of actors to speak the letter; learning these lines has not been easy, but it is an important statement that must be made on a very serious subject.

On a lighter note, my Swinging Nuns is still very much alive and yearning to find a place so I can continue workshopping it. I have a number of possibilities, so onward to see where it lands!

My summer fun is riding my horse Sadler, so my free time will be spent at the barn with her. As long as I have enough carrots, I'll be okay.

Who knows what other things will pop up in July? I intend to get back to tango and have my shoes all ready to go. It will be a fun month no matter what happens!


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