Magnificent March

Looks like this month in making quite a dramatic entrance, nevertheless, there’s lots of things happening regardless of the wind, rain and snow!

Our play in progress, Relentlessly Pleasant, is moving forward with initial re-writes and we are meeting up this month to further things along. Our public reading is scheduled for Monday April 23, so stay tuned for location and time.

The podcast I did of Julie Marino’s play Damien & Odette, is finished and we are waiting now for the online release, as well as scheduling more recordings. It’s so much fun!

In prep for my audition for Romeo & Juliet later this month, I’m getting as much of Lady Capulet under my belt as possible because you can never have enough time with Shakespeare. 

I wrote the first 10 pages of a new play for the Playground Experiment’s Drop & Give Me 10, and whether I wanted to or not, I’m going to continue to work on I’ll Meet You In Darjeeling. I really like these characters and they keep talking to me, so I have absolutely no choice but to continue! Plus the actors Mike cast for me were so wonderful, I hope Charlie Wilson and Kirsten Hopkins will be available when I have more pages.

The audiobook I was scheduled to record went in another direction but the good thing is that I have a solid vocal regime now that I am sticking to, so I am super happy about that. 

And that’s about it for now. Happy St. Patricks Day!


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