February 2018

January sure flew by. Woosh, it’s gone! And on its heels is the Valentine month, Cupid’s playground. One way or another, right?!

Projects: Our evolving piece with The Tongue In Cheek Theatre is underway and we are using Gurney’s The Dining Room as inspiration. Using the same ‘room’ for all the action, we are exploring current societal morays and behaviors, addressing, sexism, ageism, equal pay…….all the ‘isms’ we can think of. We’ll see what we come up with and hope that it’s something we can present in due course…….. sometime later this year.

Beginning to work on the audio narration of Hans Christian King’s book Guided. This is a first time endeavor in this area, I’m excited to get underway, and very honored to be narrating this remarkable book.

My audition for the Hudson Warehouse went well ~ been called back for their summer season for Romeo & Juliet. Excited about that.

Going to be doing Drop & Give Me Ten this month with The Playground Experiment. I have not heard yet if I’m selected as an actor or writer, but I’ll find out pretty soon, since it’s happening on the 18th!

Continuing to work on scripts that I have been wanting to get back to and trying to get in good vocal shape. Daily practice and all that.

That’s about it. I think I have enough to keep me busy!


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