MARCH 2020

I didn’t realize I hadn’t done my blog, which I now look forward to doing, because I have been up to my eyeballs in re-writes and working on proposals. Lovely chores to have to do. 

I finished my second draft for I’ll Meet You In Darjeeling, which now is entitled The Qualifiers. It went from 5 characters to 4 – is a drama, a mystery of sorts, and when you eliminate a character, essentially you have to re-write the whole thing. Which I just did, in preparation for this Saturday’s First Reads Festival. Ryan Ramirez and myself will have our plays read by wonderful actors for compassionate audiences who will give us detailed feedback we can use for the next re-write. I must say, there was a bit of pressure because today was the deadline to get my script in (I have rehearsal with the actors Thursday) and I feel a great weight has been lifted off me. 

Coupled with today’s deadline, I also submitted a proposal to the Manhattan Theatre Company’s Alfred Sloan Commission for my new play The Tripod. My first proposal submission, and I feel gratified to have been able to submit my work to such a prestigious company. 

Waiting to hear from Jordan Lee about the movie we shot 3/5 – the first role I have ever done shooting a gun, and almost getting killed! We had several takes of my near death experience. Amazing how actors pop right up to get re-killed! 

I have tango and ballroom on my mind for this month and with Spring around the corner, what is better than Tango in Central Park? And there’s always auditions! 

May the luck of the Irish keep you smiling ~ Happy St Patrick’s Day


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