That numerical configuration cannot go unnoticed! 

The month began with a meeting of fellow writers giving feedback on I’LL MEET YOU IN DARJEELING along with my two other fellow playwrights who make up the trio in this round of First Reads. It was a most interesting few hours and has given me much to ponder. I have a month to work on re-writes toward our March 7th’s presentation for an invited audience. 

This time I know I will have a major shift in tone and eliminate a character – and I will probably change the title. We’ll see. This is a work in process, so I can always put things back, however, I tend not to do that. 

I’m very excited to be doing a role in a new play by Carole Bugge, entitled STRINGS ATTACHED in a reading for Pulse Ensemble. It’s a terrific play. I’m playing a cosmologist, which is wonderful since I’ve been consistently reading about cosmology! 

And I’m the only American in this, surrounded by Englishmen…and Newton, Max Planck, Marie Curie – you get the gist. It’s going to be fun. 

Along with all this, I have been doing my civic duty having been summoned to be on a Grand Jury. First time for me, and although it destroys any schedule one may have, it is an eye opener on so many levels. I got a month’s duty. But once I complete this I won’t be called for 8 years. I’m sure I’ll get some ideas that may make it to the page. 

And let us not forget February 14th  

May all our hearts remain open, loving and kind.


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