Happy New Year 2020

A new decade is before us. 

I am pleased to report that my play ‘I’ll Meet You In Darjeeling’ was chosen as one of three plays that will be read by a panel and then presented to an invited audience Saturday March 7. This is the Playground Experiments ‘First Reads’ and it is so valuable to a writer. I was fortunate enough to go through this process with ‘The Swinging Nuns’ and I learned a lot.

‘Darjeeling’ is another animal altogether.  I seem to write more comedies but this is a five character drama that I know will benefit greatly by the feed back and then the performance of the reading. I am very excited to have it grow and to have feedback from writers and regular audience as well. 

Because of this opportunity I had to turn down the chance to perform Mrs Dashwood in ‘Sense & Sensibility’ with The Hudson Warehouse.  They are a wonderful company and I am sorry that  it conflicts with the reading and staging of my new play. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with them. 

More Argentine Tango is on the schedule and so is Ballroom. I went to the first ‘Social’ that was given by my teacher Danielle Quisenberry at Dardo’s Studio on 46th St – a door down from the Actors Equity building. It was amazing to dance with professional ballroom dancers and it really ups your game! Danielle plans to do this once a month, so hopefully I will be in good shape – both mentally and physically – to do it all. It’s amazing how much brain work is involved, because in ballroom the dances change from song to song. You could be doing a waltz and the next song is a Foxtrot and then West Coast Swing and you need to know them all! 

So this new year and decade has come in with a flourish that I intend to continue. I wish the same for everyone!


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